Talbot Road, Notting Hill

The need to replace outdated R22 refrigerant systems in this prestigious Notting Hill commercial property has resulted in the installation of a brand new system which takes advantage of Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced Mr Slim Replace technology.

Use of R22 refrigerant is banned from the start of 2015, so businesses with old air conditioning will need to replace it for a modern system.

This unusual, open plan office building is almost exclusively top lit with no operable windows. The triple volume main space opens out into single storey office areas on two sides and a basement with areas of limited headroom.

The building required heating and air conditioning throughout to replace the inefficient condensing units which were running on obsolete R22 refrigerant and an inefficient non condensing boiler.

However the solution was also required to take into account the existing design, high solar gain in summer and heat loss in winter together with limited headroom in many areas of the building.

Chris Gonella of the Quantum Group said:

“The architect, Iain Pattie of IPA Architects had opted for an industrial aesthetic approach to this renovation with exposed plant and ductwork.”

The air conditioning system blended in perfectly with two 14kW exposed ducted systems providing heating and cooling in the open plan areas. The result was a clean but industrial look thanks to the insulated galvanised ductwork.”

The new systems all run on R410a refrigerant, which has approximately 35% greater heat transfer rate than the old R22 refrigerant.

Warren Davies of PACAIR said: “It is a very common situation to have to replace a system which runs on the obsolete R22 refrigerant and the Mr Slim range is perfect for this as it provides a very easy and straightforward solution.

Because the range is extremely compact, discreet and one of the quietest systems on the market, it proved to be the ideal choice for such a prestigious installation as this one.”

They use the latest Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim condensing units with inverter compressors which enable
modulating to the required capacity to allow for greater efficiency.

The systems feature heating COPs up to 4, SEER up to 5.5 with Energy Efficiency Class of up to A++ for heating and A for cooling on some of the systems.

The Mr Slim range is one of the best-selling air conditioning split systems and combines efficiency with complete versatility for use in a variety of environments.

The entire range is inverter controlled so the amount of power which they consume is modulated to match the

One of the major benefits however, which proved to be ideal for this installation is that it incorporates Replace Technology which allows the upgrading of R22 systems using existing pipework without the need to apply any special cleaning machines.

The building was occupied by tenants immediately upon completion and the entire Mitsubishi Electric system easily accommodated their additional requirements including extra meeting rooms which were specifically designed for them during the refurbishment.

The overall look of the installation perfectly matches the industrial chic style which was adopted by the architect with the exposed plant and ductwork providing a functional but artistic statement which complements the overall design.

Advice on the options available to replace old R22 systems can be found at the dedicated website: http://replace.mitsubishielectric.co.uk/

Further details on the work of the Quantum group, visit: http://quantumcooling.co.uk